Founder of the #90DaysWithoutSugar challenge on how his journey inspired others to change their lifestyle for the better – News24

Posted: May 14, 2020 at 5:44 pm

12:33 13/05/2020 By Bonolo Sekudu

Even though the country is in a nationwide lockdown, #90DaysWithoutSugarand #FetchYourBody2020 havent faded away. Instead, these hashtags have become motivationfor people to work even harder to stay active and healthy.

The creator of the hashtags, Sam Hlonyana, has had his own weight strugglesand admits he tried unrealistic and unsustainable methods to lose weight in thepast.

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Ihave been on every diet out there. I lost weight before but never managed tokeep it off. I spent money going on all the new diets and I was frustrated,Sam tells Move!.

Heonly started losing weight and keeping it off when he changed his lifestyle to starteating well and exercising.

The 90 DayMovement started in January 2019 with the #90DaysWithoutSugar challenge. I didmy own experiment of going 90 days without processed sugar and foods. I managedto lose 20kg in four months. People started DMing me and asking about thesecret behind my weight loss. I created the #90DaysWithoutSugar programme toanswer people and help as many as I can to lose weight, he adds.

The focus of the #90DaysWithoutSugar challenge is mainly weightloss and healthy living.

At the beginning of the year, #FetchYourBody2020 rose to the topof the trends list for those who want to lose body fat or defeat sugaraddiction. It is about people working on fetching their dream bodies. Whetherthat means running a marathon, benching 200kg or forming a six-pack.

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Sam beams with pride when he speaks about how he has impacted thelives of people by simply changing his own.

My big hairyaudacious goal (BHAG) is to help one million people to defeat their sugar addictions.So, I really feel that Im close to achieving this BHAG when I see how manypeople have owned this hashtag and, more importantly, are making healthy livingthe new norm. Im so happy many people are finding out that working on habitswill transform their health like never before, he adds.

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Founder of the #90DaysWithoutSugar challenge on how his journey inspired others to change their lifestyle for the better - News24

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