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Posted: January 28, 2019 at 4:43 am

By: Emily Lockhart onFriday, December 6th

Weve all done itdrank from a questionable carton of milk, mowed down on the remains of old yogurt, and even dared cook meat that had been in the freezer for a few months (well 6 to be exact).

Youre not alone and youre not necessarily wrong to try to salvage food instead of throwing it away when its expired its best before date. Yes, there are several foods that even food experts admit we can consume safely past the expiry date on their packaging

With the amount of chemicals and beverage additives in carbonated drinks, it shouldnt surprise you that they are formulated to last a really, really long time. Just to give you a perspective of the shelf life, food scientists estimate that diet soda is good for up to 4 months past its shelf life expiry date, while soda with regular sugar content can safely be consumed up to 9 months after its listed expiration date.

If you pop open a can of soda thats been sitting around for a while, your own senses and good judgment will serve you well in determining whether or not it is still good. You should pour old pop into a glass and observe its character and consistency before drinking it; if it no longer fizzes up, or if it appears watery and there arent any bubbles, dont consume it. There are some health risks associated with drinking expired soft drinks.


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Foods You Can Safely Eat Past The Due Dates | ActiveBeat

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