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Posted: September 8, 2020 at 10:09 pm

Whatever your fitness goal, you can achieve it the Ayurveda way! Sounds exciting? Surely, it can be. The widespread prevalence of urban lifestyle diseases exacerbated by the pandemic and an increasing awareness of the health benefits of a fitness regime has motivated many of us to incorporate a specific diet, exercise plan and other health practice in our daily lives. And if the same could be combined with the excellent and qualitative advantages of Ayurveda then you have a sure-shot winning recipe of a successful fitness goal in your hands. The ancient healthcare system of Ayurveda focuses on life, longevity and your overall well-being be it physical, mental or spiritual. As a science of self-healing, Ayurveda encompasses various diet, lifestyle regimen, massages, and medicinal herbs that can help you to attain optimum health. It would be wise to include Ayurveda in your daily physical fitness plan to ensure sustained health and vigour.Here's how Ayurveda can help

Keeps you energetic:

Increased metabolism:The fastest results of your fitness regimes can be achieved if you have an excellent cellular metabolism. Ayurvedic herbs like Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) helps to promote your gut-health, it increase good gut microbiome in our intestines that produces a short-chain fatty acid and helps to regulate body fat stores and assists in maintaining blood sugar levels within normal range. Spices like cinnamon may help to prevent the formation of fat cells in your body, while Curcumin present in Haldi or turmeric helps in burning fat cells effectively and boosting the body metabolism. Adding black pepper in your regular diet can help polish your metabolism with its thermogenic effect and a fine glass of cumin water (boil a teaspoon of Jeera/cumin in a glass of water) first thing in the morning ensures the best of results.

Body recovery:Ancient Ayurvedic healers advocated the concept of Balaardh. That means exerting only 50% of the body's entire strength for any kind of rigorous exercises. Modern fitness experts also recommend a 24 hour rest between vigorous exercise sessions, to allow the body to recover fully. An Abhyanga (self-massage) with sesame seed oil is a traditional procedure for relieving the aches and pains in the joints, muscles and connective tissues. Herbs like turmeric and ginger help in reducing inflammation, while Ashwagandha & Bala are magical on strengthening and nourishing muscles. Incorporating legumes rich in proteins helps to build your muscles and Ayurveda sanctions mung beans and urad daal for the same. Almonds, dates, saffron and ghee rejuvenate you adequately and can help in recovering faster from hard & rigorous work-out sessions.

Joint flexibility:While fitness is top-most in your mind, you will need to take special care of your bone and joints health. Creaks and aches start hampering your movements from an early age, primarily because of unhealthy life style. Women need to take special care anyways right from the onset of their thirties. A better bone-health and joint flexibility can help you to undertake a slightly better fast-paced drill of your desire. Ayurveda recommends several herbs that have been traditionally used to improve bone strength, joints flexibility and reduced localized pain. Herbs like Hadjod, Salai Guggul, Ashwagandha and Bala are clinically proven to reinstate bone cell homeostasis, improve bone mineral density and reduce joint swellings. The Dashmoola (roots of 10 herbs) oil is also a favourite to reduce to stiffness of joints and muscles thus improving flexibility.

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Fitness secrets from Ayurveda - Times of India

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