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Posted: August 26, 2017 at 3:44 am

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Matt Espeut, GoLocalProv Health +Lifestyle Contributor

Your Workout.

Lets talk about the workout part first. Most people think that you need to smash yourself into the ground and be in pain for days after a workout, for it to be effective. Some work out every day, and never rest, even when they are too sore to sit on the toilet. If general health and fitness is your goal, this isnt only unnecessary, but dangerous, and could cause injury, lack of results, and even worse, regressions due to muscle breakdown due to lack of recovery.

If you are training for some sort of physically competitive sport, you will need to train a bit harder and longer to withstand the punishment your body will take on the field, in the ring, on the court, or whatever arena you will be in. When you need to perform at a higher level, you also need to train at a higher level, but you also need structure and common sense to be successful, and get optimum results.

I had a great conversation with the lead trainer for the New England Revolution pro soccer team today, and he basically confirmed a lot of my beliefs and philosophy by explaining how he structures his teams strength and conditioning program.

Your Nutrition.

First, we discussed nutrition, and he explained how he recommends a Paleo style, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, whole nutrition program for his team. He doesnt subscribe to the sports drinks, and pasta loading nutrition plan some athletes fall victim to. We talked about how food and nutrition have an effect on performance and recovery, and that without the right formula, his team wouldnt be as successful.

The nutrition part applies to all people regardless of what your goals are, but the number of calories need to be adjusted for each individuals activity level. Whether you are an athlete or not, I will always preach that you need to eat quality foods to function at your highest potential, and have all your bodily systems working efficiently. So, with that being said, everyone should eat the same except competitive athletes need to change the amounts or adjust their macro ratios depending on performance or recovery.

When we talked about the training regimen for his team, I was surprised at the length of their season, and the requirements needed to keep these guys functioning at full capacity. As any sport, the better you are the longer your season, so when a soccer team goes deep into the playoffs, their off season could be less than a couple of months. Not a long time to lick your wounds, so precision training and recovery is needed.

As with any sport, working out needs to be cycled according to their seasons schedule. He informed me that during their pre-season, they participate in a lot of heavy lifting or strength training, incorporating heavy lifts like the deadlift, sled pushes, and farmers walks or some sort of heavy carry. They perform this type of training 3x per week and include cardiovascular conditioning for a couple of days, then a day or two for recovery. When the season rolls in, the strength training gets scaled back and the intensity of the workouts gets cycled, so their bodies are ready for optimum performance on game day. They incorporate recovery techniques such as massage, foam rolling, acupuncture, and stretching on the days immediately following a game, then add the intensity for a couple of days, then scale back a couple of days before the game. Contrary to many peoples belief that athletes train harder during the actual season. All the heavy stuff gets done before the season starts. Then its maintenance and recovery from there on.

Kind of like my/your program. I suggest you work hard and eat flawlessly to reach your goal, then maintaining it gets easier.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, you still need to incorporate sensible training techniques and sound nutrition into your regimen. You also need to take the proper precautions not to get injured, or experience prolonged soreness. The human body breaks down and you need the time for rest and recovery to make it stronger. When we design our workouts at Providence Fit Body Bootcamp, every day is different. Some days you lift heavier than others, and some days you will get your heart rate up higher. Some days are more leg dominant, some are more upper body dominate, but the whole body works every time you come in. We do this because some people come every day, and it is counter-productive to beat down a sore or tired body with the same moves daily.

Whether you are training to be a pro athlete, or to keep up with your grandkids you need to train sensibly and according to your needs. Some things stay the same such as the quality of your food, and the quality of your movements. This will get everybody optimal results. Another thing that is universal is rest and recovery. We all need it to be able to give 100% when we do train. The only variables that need to change is the volume, and number of calories.

So there you have it folks. We all have an athlete in us, but we all need to adjust our dosages of exercise and nutrition to get the desired outcome. If you overdo it, you will end up on the sidelines. When you have the right formula, you will accelerate to higher levels, and the sky is the limit to what you can accomplish.

Here is a list of some of the most obsession worthy health apps.

MapMyRun is the number one selling running app for a reason: it is easy to use, offers community support if you want it, and tracks and stores your exact routes for you. If you are training for a race or a serious runner, users say that the extra perks in the upgraded paid version are well worth it.

Made for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

MyFitnessPal seems to be the clear favorite amongst everyone polled. It is helpful not only for the fitness tracking aspect, but everyone polled mentioned how much they loved the food/diet aspect as well. From carb counting for diabetics to recipe ideas to complement your fitness goals, users love this app.

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JeFit is another fitness app that has rave reviews. It not only tracks progress for you, but offers a huge database of workouts. While many apps offer community support, JeFit allows you to sync workouts with friends who use the app, offering a (real) virtual buddy system.

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Strava gets the highest mark of all the cycling apps. While it is also great for runners, the cyclers seem particularly inclined towards the fierce competition that can be ignited by this app. You can track all of your rides via GPS, then you can compare your efforts to those logged by others in the community on the same stretch of road. You can also join ongoing challenges that can net you great prizes (in addition to bragging rights).

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YogaStudiogets the top vote for Yoga apps. It has a lengthy collection of full class-length videos available at your fingertips. Unlike many other apps, this one also allows you to customize your own video yoga class. All of the poses are done by qualified yoga instructors, and you can find classes suitable for all levels of yogis.

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SimplyBeing meditation app offers the best of both worlds. You can choose to run this app as a background for your meditation with soothing music or natural sounds that run for a set amount of time. Conversely, for those of you who have trouble focusing during meditation, you can choose a soothing voice-guided meditation.

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Fooducate is an app all about educating people so that they make healthier food choices. Although not perfect, this app is easy to use (you can even take pictures of bar codes to instantly find foods in their database). It gives food a letter grade, tells you the pluses and minuses, and gives you better ranked alternatives. You can also use it as a weight loss tool by tracking your daily calories.

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