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Posted: June 5, 2013 at 5:03 pm

Ive been having alot of hormonal problems.. could i be pregnant..? Every time i play with my hair or take a shower my hair Is falling out bad. And somedays my temper Is really bad and i have depression and eating alot.. and one morningg i woke up and i had like brown spotting. What can this be??

If youve had sex pregnancy is always a possibility. When and if you skip your period take a test

Ive found that using a symptom checker can be useful to give you ideas of what it may be. Now youre best to see a doctor about this but I can go through what this says but bear in mind it may not be any of these.

The first is PMS. This is only a diagnosable disorder if the symptoms strongly affect your life.. Birth control can help. Doctors are unaware of the exact causes but it may be genetic. To be diagnosed your doctor will document symptoms, do a physical and keep a record of symptoms for a few months to rule out other things. Lifestyle changes can help ease symptoms.

2. Depression. Depression is a mood disorder. If unhappy feelings last more than 2 weeks it is classified as depression. If youre feeling majorly depressed seeing your doctor may help but if you feel like you cant writing your thoughts out, talking to someone or using a creative outlet can help. Also if minor issues are making it worse sort through them.

3. Bipolar Disorder. Also known as manic depression. It is characterised by extreme mood swings. All teens get moody but a person with bipolar for a while will be happy and over confident but a few days later will be depressed and even suicidal and nothing has changed. Sometimes its so severe the person cant function. The causes arent known but doctors are aware that its genetic and is caused by chemical inbalances in the brain. Unless your mood swings are severe or you have a close family with it I would rule it out.

5. Acute Stress Reaction. If youre under a lot of stress it can affect appetite, mood, hair and periods. If you are very stressed then what I suggested for depression may help and getting yourself organised too.

6. Hypotuitarism. This is a condition where a gland called your pituitary gland at the base of your brain which produces hormones for your thyroid doesnt produce enough or doesnt produce a certain hormone at all.

8. Hyperthyroidism. This is a condition which means your thyroid glands (two small glands which secrete hormones from your pituitary gland on your neck) produces too much thyroid hormone. The thyroid controls cholesterol and metabolism. Hyperthyroidism can make things speed up so can cause moodiness, excessive sweating, fast heart rate and weight loss. Untreated it can cause heart and bone problems but is easily treated by taking betablockers and is diagnosed through blood tests and physicals.

9. Porphyria. One of 8 metabolic disorders where bodys synthesis of a molecule called heme doesnt work properly. Heme carries oxygen through the blood with porphyria it depletes oxygen as it cant get through and causes a chemical build up. There are two types one that affects skin and the other the nervous system.

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