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Posted: March 26, 2020 at 3:45 am

So youve stocked up (not hoarded!) on essentials, to reduce your trips to the supermarket. This means shelf-stable foods like rice, dals, beans and so on are on hand, while fruits and vegetables need to be bought more frequently depending on safety and the situation. The upside is that more people will have no choice but to opt for home-cooked meals. But that doesnt mean there arent any downsides! Here are three ways to ensure you eat healthy while in isolation.

Resist The Urge To Stock Up On Processed Food

When you cant step out for a freshly-prepared snack at a restaurant, and your cook cant come in to make it for you, its so tempting to resort to easily available packaged foods deep-fried mixtures, or cream biscuits or chips. Not only do these keep you going, theyre also trigger foods that help you cope with the stress of staying home and in isolation. Instead, buy snacks like Greek yoghurt, mixed nuts, toasted seeds, eggs (which can be hard-boiled flavoured nicely with spices) or popcorn.

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If youre bored out of your wits, it is likely that youll turn to food to kill the extra time. Youll be eating more than you need, and piling on the extra calories. Try and stick to the portions you were eating before you were in isolation, and dont give in to boredom as an excuse to eat extra.

Stay Hydrated

Very often, hunger pangs increase because we forget to drink enough water or fluids when indoors. Make sure you get at least 2.5 litres of water, especially because summer is just around the corner. Add a glass of coconut water to your diet; if you cant get procure fresh tender coconuts safely, there are bottled versions.


Its easy to let exercise fall to the wayside if youre confined at home, especially if youre the kind who needs a trainer or exercise companions. But this is key in maintaining wellness and supplementing a healthy diet. Try and do some yoga at home if youre proficient enough. Else opt for simple exercises like on-the-spot jogging, jumping jacks, free dancing to music (this is fun too!) or a walk if youre lucky to own a private spot of garden or terrace.

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