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Posted: January 24, 2020 at 10:41 am

The reason youre going out is because there is music playing. The reason youve cut short a Saturday of Netflix binging is to see a DJ and hit the rave, so remind yourself that this is the motive.

DJ Fat Tonys road to sobriety has been well documented. He recently marked 13 years sober and said that going clean was not a decision but a life or death situation. He advises to not give in to peer pressure which is something that so many of us have to deal with, so keep the right friends around you when going sober to the rave. Feeling like your only reason for going out is to get fucked up can be problematic. Fat Tony said: Take it back to basics and be there to enjoy the greatest drug of all, music. Everything else is secondary.

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DJ and Producer Will Clarke has released tunes through Abode, Relief, Drumcode and Truesoul and is currently gigging in the US. Will has been sober for eight years, but was never a massive drinker. For DJs going sober he said: Have some friends around that really respect you and who you can have fun with regardless. Maybe thats just a tour manager, or whoever, but for the first 6 months of playing shows its probably going to be tough especially if you use alcohol to relax yourself.

Paris-based DJ Louisahhh said: Ive found it really helpful to be aware of what my purpose is in going out; if its to live vicariously through people who are fucked up, or to mourn the fact that Ive lost the ability to drink and use safely, I should probably sit that night out. If my goal in going is to spread joy, to connect and be of service, to celebrate being alive, I can safely go anywhere in the world.

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DJs share their tips for going sober in the rave - Mixmag

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