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Posted: September 4, 2017 at 10:43 am


They all promise results but do they deliver and at what price?

The average dieter in the UK starts and fails four new diets a year, losing an average of nearly half a stone before they start gaining the weight back again.

Today Ive had a look at the easy ways to diet that promise results and tested ways to get your neck in shape too


The best diet Ive ever done (and Ive done a lot!). Fast-mimicking Prolon launches this week.

Its 800 calories for five days tasty kale biscuits, soups, nut and chocolate bars.

Your body fasts to repair and rejuvenate. It can cut heart disease and cancer risks.

I shifted weight Ive tried to ditch for a YEAR and two months later KEPT it off. Tests showed reduction of fat around my internal organs too. It costs 225, but worth it.


The Skinny Coffee Club programme contains coffee, siberian ginseng, spirulina, green tea extract and garcinia cambogia good for metabolism, energy boosting and appetite reducing.

You drink before breakfast for 28 days. It tasted like normal coffee.

It reduce my appetite slightly and gave me a bit of a boost but unless you go to the gym I doubt youd lose weight. I didnt.

Worth swapping for your morning coffee if you buy on offer. Its normally 24.95


One study showed consuming apple cider vinegar makes you feel fuller so you eat less.

I tried Comvitas Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka honey.

It smells horrid vinegar/malt whisky! I put a teaspoon in water before each meal.

It was refreshing, I felt virtuous and fuller. I think that was just the water though!

Worth doing because it lowers cholesterol if you can stomach it!


Ultherapy Skin Lifting about 1000 for a treatment that last two years http://www.doctornyla.comNeck firmness and texture is the main concern for women.

If youve got the cash this is a winner. Cosmetic specialist Dr Nyla Raja used an ultrasound to stimulate and remodel collagen production.

It wasnt pleasant, slight burning sensation.

My sensitive neck was bright red. But I would definitely have this again.

Saggy jowls and wrinkly skin disappear day by day. Results last about two years. Worth saving up for.


Dr Levy Switzerlands Decolletage Regenerating Silk cream 50 ml/290 http://www.drlevyswitzerland.comThis is an A-list favourite and claims to prevent fine lines and loss of volume while stimulating cells to produce collagen and elastin.

This has the most luxurious thick, velvety, serum texture and instantly melts into skin, fills lines and softens skin. My skin looked less dry.

But I wouldnt pay this eye watering price for a cream.


No7 Restore & Renew Face and Neck multi action serum 50ml/36 range has been a winner since it was launched ten years ago.

This new serum contains the same ingredients plus extra ingredients to restore strength in the skin and eliminate neck crepiness.

It claims to be the first serum to give age-defying results for face AND neck.

I liked this. A creamy serum, sinks straight in, had a slight tightening effect. For the price I thought this was brilliant. Will keep using.

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Diets that promise easy ways to lose weight and treatments to get your neck into shape are put to the test - The Sun

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