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Posted: October 28, 2020 at 3:53 pm

When we decided to make the theme of 2020s Jackson Hole Woman Balance or Wellness we were all thinking of the fitness classes that had to pivot to Zoom earlier this year. Then I interviewed Tanya Mark, and, man, that girl can make a case.

For wellness to equate to diet and exercise amounts to a public health crisis because so many people are not satisfied with their bodies, according to Mark. I wish we had someone screaming this. Its beyond nutrition and exercise, she said.

Whats more, the assumption that wellness and balance equal a green smoothie and exercise is contributing to the already unhealthy narrative that most women have of not being enough. Ask most women their goals, and instead of hearing about their desire to perform in a play or hike the Appalachian Trail, the answer youre likely to get somewhere in the top three is that they want to change their body shape (usually by losing weight).

Mark believes this desire to change the body, change your home, may actually be stealing from your well-being.

Indeed, as we wrote JH Woman we were keenly aware that there are also JH Men who deserve recognition. We are aware Balance means more than the profiles weve done on gyms (many are women-owned, and those business owners have had to change models in the pandemic). It means more than women having babies in a time when its not business as usual. It means more than mental health, although lets be real: Thats a big one. It means feeling safe and accepted and permitted to thrive.

Sara Flitners Becoming Jackson Whole perhaps describes it best. The group aims to help the community respond to the challenges of our time with focus, compassion and resilience. That is the center of seeking balance, now more than ever, regardless of dress size.

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Definition is broader than what we covered | Jackson Hole Woman - Jackson Hole News&Guide

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