Daphne Oz Reveals 50-Pound Weight Loss 9 Months After Giving Birth – E! NEWS

Posted: May 27, 2020 at 11:43 pm

Daphne Oz is opening up about her postpartumweight loss journey.

On Wednesday, the health and wellness expert revealed that she has lost 50 pounds nine months afterwelcoming her daughter Giovanna "Gigi" Ines.

Taking to Instagram to show off her transformation, she explainedthat she has been able to lose the weight by switching to healthy eating habits, noting that she's on her way to her goal weight.

"I'm down nearly 50lbs since giving birth to Gigi 9 months ago," she shared, along with a mirror selfie of herself showing off her svelte frame. "I still have a way to go, but my aim to feel strong in my skin, energetic for my kids, and to love the way my clothes fit have been my guide I've had these goals in the back of my mind throughout the upheaval and stress of the past few months, because historically for me it would have been such an easy way to slip back into old emotional eating habits."

A WW ambassador herself, Oz credited working with a WW coach with finding the healthiest approach to losing weight, adding, "my@wwapp and amazing coach Lisa have been incredible extra support to help me make the smartest decisions possible the precision of the program is based on the millions of people it has already served, and these guardrails help keep me honest in total food freedom (those points are ours to spend how we want!)"

Back in August, Oz revealed that she and husband JohnJovanovic, who are already parents to Philomena, 6, Jovan, 4 and Domenica, 2, had welcomed baby Gigi with an exciting announcement.

"Our beautiful girl is here!! Giovanna Ines Jovanovic (Gigi!!) joined our family Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 9:03pm and our hearts and hospital bed have never been so full," theMasterChef Juniorjudge wrote,posting a picture of the Jovanovic family together.

Before welcoming their bundle of joy, Oz opened up about her difficult pregnancy with People and how she prioritized her fitness throughout. "This has been my hardest pregnancy, physically," she told the outlet. "But trying to feel good in my skin, whether it's finding little ways to take care of myself or finding clothes that fit in a way that makes me feel good, has made a big difference."

Months after Gigi's arrival,The Happy Cookauthor shared some of hertips for fitting in a workout while juggling being a mom of four, sharing thatshe has gotten into a "really great rhythm of making that half an hour time" for herself every couple of days to do various fitness activities. "I really tried to stay active during my pregnancies and I have older children to run after," she told E! News in February. "It's not like I totally fell out of shape but I think that continuing to remind yourself of ways to give back to yourself is great."

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Daphne Oz Reveals 50-Pound Weight Loss 9 Months After Giving Birth - E! NEWS

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