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Posted: August 2, 2017 at 6:53 am


After several months and a good amount of pounds off I'm writing this review.The system works, the doctors and personnel at the clinic are very nice and will always will have encouraging words and good tips and advice to help during the process of loosing weight. Like any other thing in the world, you need to follow instructions, and be willing to drastically change your eating habits, activity life style, and mentality towards the future you.

I went to Cardiomender when I was looking for a weight loss program and was a bit frustrated by all the previous attempts with other diets. I look in Yelp and found this place with great reviews, then I went into their website and realized I knew Dr. Young from when he used to work at another hospital and I knew I could trust him since he's an amazing clinician!!So I went with high hopes and let me tell you they even exceeded my expectations!!!I lost 30lbs with them and I was never able to lose more than 10 in any other program (Nutrisystem, Herbalife, Weight watchers, etc). I'm beyond myself happy!! I look now like I used to when I was 20 years old!!Needless to say I truly recommend Cardiomender!! Plus everyone is amazing there!!!!

With the help of CardioMender I was able to lose the weight I've struggled with for the past 10 years. I had tried all different diets and even various exercise routines from going to the gym consistently and even participating in crossfit for 4 years. Everything I tried was either causing me to maintain my weight or to gain. No matter what I did, I wasn't able to cut the unwanted body fat. CardioMender helped me cut the body fat at a very quick rate. In just 6 weeks I lost 18lbs and 5% body fat. Now that I know how to eat properly, I'm confident I have found what works for me and will continue to live this lifestyle so that I can accomplish my goals. Thanks CardioMender!

I can't say enough great things about this place! I had never been to any kind of weight loss center before but knew I needed support. They were the perfect place for me. They provide amazing tools, education, and have a family type of atmosphere that feels so comfortable right from the start. I called in after reading reviews on here and spoke with Alex who talked me through the process and was upfront about everything. I have reached my goal of losing 30 lbs. in just under 5 months and feel incredible. They have a maintenance program for people (like me) who want to continue to go as often or infrequent as I like. I was always healthy, but I now truly understand the right formula for me and my body. I am forever grateful for Dr. Schiff, Maggie, and all the staff who have helped me look and feel better than I did 15 years ago when I was at this weight (before 3 kids). Thank you!

Great experience. Just finished Phase 1 of the plan and I'm now starting into the maintenance phase. I've lost almost 40 pounds and 12" off my waist in approximately 120 days.I chose CardioMender because they test your blood, verify that there is nothing medical contributing to your weight gain, and monitor your health. I have genetically high cholesterol and they readily monitored my levels throughout and I saw an improvement in my levels while on the program. I wanted something more than just prescribing a diet plan and monitoring my eating.They have their supplements and plan specific foods available, and offer them regularly, but I never felt like I was being pressured to buy their stuff. If you need the safe food options they are available but you don't have to use them to be successful. The staff was helpful and courteous and the appointments after the initial consultation were almost always around 30 minutes in length. I'd recommend CardioMender to anyone who is looking to make a long-term change in their body composition, adjust their mindset towards food and needs a gentle hand to keep you accountable and on task.

Amazing plan! I went to CardioMender for a consultation 1 year before committing. I am now 28 pds lighter and 100% healthier ! The team and doctors at the office are the most helpful and comforting, you never feel as though you are failing. They are totally on board with your personal journey and will go out of there way to see you through . I can not say enough about this plan and if you have tried it all and are ready to live a new way; a healthy way of life, Contact CardioMender !

Dr. Schiff and his team are amazing. I have done my research on other weight loss programs and i have listened to their approach and it always feels like a sales pitch. When i found out about Cardiomender, i called them right away and made an appointment for 15 mins later. Walked in and listened to the program and how it works, still a little skeptical I jokingly asked to speak to the Doctor in charge. I then was brought into his office and had an hour long chat about his program and life. He made me feel comfortable and at home.I thought i would try this out and see if it works. I have slacked off a lot (going on cruises and vacationing a few places) and in the last 2 months i have lost 33 pounds and counting.Starting the Cardiomender program was the best decision i could of made. Dr. Schiff and his team are honestly the nicest people to talk to.THANK YOU for everything you all have done for me!

Let me tell you.... This is the place where you can learn a new life style..... of course requires that you focus on their plan.... and 100% yo'll get your goal accomplish. I start the program back in April.... and have lost 40lbs ... and almost 2 sizes (about 4" )... The team is excellent and Dr. Schiff is an incredible human bean an excellent professional. Of course combining this program with some exercise you'll fell fantastic!!!! My cholesterol, Triglecerids, Sugar are totally normal .... Lost bout 40 points of cholesterol

I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for Cardiomender! I went in two months ago with an A1C of over 11 (Full blown Diabetes) and just got my results back and it's now at a 7.1!!!!!! I feel the best I've felt in so many years. Being only 32, diabetes is not something I want to live with. The Drs at Cardiomender not only treat me like a VIP patient but it really feels like I'm visiting family. I'm so grateful for their constant guidance and motivation to get me to where I need to be. I would recommend them in a millisecond! Take it from someone who's life has LITERALLY changed and I'm not even talking about the 20lbs weight loss in 2 months! Make your appt, you won't regret it!!!

Not only does this place take great care of it's clients, the recipes that it shares with it's clients are incredible. I made the "Docs Cauliflower Pizza" tonight and it was by far, one of the best meals I have eaten lately. I added some extra spice (my topping was mushrooms and onions which I added crushed red pepper). I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese to the crust after it had cooked to a nice crisp. WOW a great dinner whether on a diet or not. Check out their recipes.

In 5 weeks lost over 37lbs and 4 inches on my waist and feel incredible. Dr. Mender and his team are extremely attentive and help coach and motivate you through the entire process. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change. They teach you everything you need to know about nutrition and staying healthy. Thank you Dr. Mender and your entire team, you guys are awesome

Great staff!!! I lost 30 pounds using their program, the doctor is very passionate about this program and he honestly cares about his clients. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to lose weight and learn more about their body. I've tried a lot of other programs but this one was the best for me.

I am so grateful to have found this amazing weight loss center for my mother. My mother suffers from heart and thyroid problems and right before coming here she was borderline diabetic. Because of these health concerns she was very hesitant to even go to the first appointment. I guarantee she is so happy now that she listened to me and went because she has already lost 12 pounds in less than a month, has more energy than ever before, and is never hungry!!! I couldn't have thought of a more perfect place for my mother to come to. Both Dr. Schiff- an expertise in the field of Cardiology and Dr. Mazza- an extremely knowledgable Endocrinologist, and sweetheart have been able to safely assist my mom in her new healthy lifestyle and future weight loss goals.After seeing how friendly and patient the staff has been to my mom I have now decided to start the program as well and I'm extremely excited to start. Thank you Dr. Mazza and CardioMentor staff for everything you have done to make my mothers experience so pleasant, and one that she will carry on for the rest of her new healthy life! 🙂

If you're serious about improving your health while losing weight, this is THE program for you. No gimmicks here, this is a nutrition & science based program tailored to your specific health situation. I've lost 20lbs in 30 days, have 30 to go, and am confident that this has added quality years to my life! Thanks Team!!

Like all brides to be, we look for a way for quick weight loss and go to extremes. I decided to go with this internationally known diet that promises weight loss at a tremendous rate. Insurance doesn't cover it but seeing it in different news shows and reading tons of swear to by former people, I thought I would give it a try. After getting the shock of a tube inserted into my nose and wearing a feeding pack 24/7 for two weeks I was ready to see what the loss was all about. 7 lbs? I was very disappointed and definitely not worth 1500 no matter how great the service was. I heard about Cardiomender through a friend and decided to try it since in a few days the wgt I lost from this pack back liquid diet was coming back. I mean who can maintain 800 cal of 95 percent of protein? Not me! Needless to say I lost the 7 in the first week and I am learning how to keep it off. I am learning how to eat which is the real key! So far I am 20 lbs down. I have a lot to go but I know with confidence I will get there and be able to maintain. Bonus is its tax deductible! Haha love it! The staff and physicians are super supportive and are totally wonderful! Anyone who doesn't try this way of living is just wasting their time.

I started CardioMender about 7 weeks ago. I HAVE LOST OVER 30lbs ON THIS PROGRAM!!!! It works! Besides the weight loss, the staff are friendly and very supportive. I love going to my weekly appointment. Staying on the program is easy and motivating because of all of the support you receive from the staff and doctors. I highly recommend CardioMender to anyone who is struggling with weight issues!

My daughter has struggled with her weight most of her life. She has tried different diets. Working out at the gym bike ridding among other things. I had talked to her about this program. She was excited about coming in to learning more about the program and meeting Dr. Schiff. He explained the program ran a series of test and was able to identify a serious medical problem no other doctor has ever been able to do. My daughter has a thyroid problem. She received immediately medical care. She is now loosing the weight and is receiving the proper medical care she needs. I am very thankful for Dr. Schiff and will be forever grateful. He truly cares sincerely about his patients and he is the medicine man.

Since participating in the CardioMender MD plan, I've lost 58 lbs, my cholesterol has dropped 101 points, my blood glucose went from 96 to 88, my hemoglobin A1C dropped from 6.9 (diabetic) to 5.6 (normal) and my level of inflammation (c-reactive protein) is finally well within the normal range. I'm now a size 10, my life-threatening medical conditions have been reversed and I have an enormous amount of energy every day. I feel fantastic! The day my life changed forever was the day I discovered CardioMender MD. I've had weight issues most of my life which ultimately resulted in a number of medical conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and metabolic disorder. I've been under a doctor's care due to these issues for 20 years and have had blood work completed every 3-4 months during this time. Another major concern has also been my very high level of c-reactive protein (measures the level of inflammation in the body), which is a strong indicator for future cardiac arrest as well as other life threatening diseases. I've been on almost every diet out there, have lost weight and gained all or most of it back. Over the past 10 years, I've found it almost impossible to lose any weight of significance no matter what diet I tried. In recent years I've started educating myself on the major causes of the inability to lose weight and the causes of weight related medical issues by finding out what the most current medical research has discovered. I've also learned that avoiding certain foods and incorporating others into my food health plan is equally as important as weight loss to reverse medical conditions. Through books, journal articles, documentaries and various other resources, I found the answers; however, knowledge alone doesn't resolve the problem. I desperately needed a program that incorporated the latest cutting-edge medical research. I investigated various local weight loss options but couldn't find any that based their plan on the latest and most advanced medical research so I continued my quest. Then one day, I found CardioMender MD and was very impressed by what I read. I immediately scheduled a consultation with Dr. Schiff. During this consult, I was in awe of Dr. Schiff's wealth of knowledge and understanding of the causes of obesity and accompanying medical conditions, as well as what was needed to assist patients in achieving a healthy weight and in reversing their medical conditions. He was very well versed in the latest cutting-edge medical research. I immediately knew that I was in the right place and would finally be able to lose weight and reverse my medical conditions. Of course, I knew this was the answer I had been searching for and joined. Throughout my plan at Cardiomender, both Dr. Schiff and Dr. Mazza have been incredible. They are available for consults whenever requested, and I have also received phone calls just to follow-up on my most recent lab results or to answer a question. When either one of them sees me in the office, I am always made to feel like I am cared about as a person and patient. Their level of commitment is overwhelmingly evident. The staff in the office are all equally as wonderful. They are always extremely pleasant, helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. I am made to feel like I really matter. The Cardiomender Team is a winner, hands down! They changed my life in the most positive ways. By helping me reach a long sought after weight loss goal and reversing several medical conditions my quality of life has improved dramatically.

Dr. Schiff and his staff are wonderful! I came here because I was honestly fed up with being fat. I have struggled with rapid weight gain and have tried numerous fad diets in the past, this is by far the best decision I have made. I lost 35 lbs ! Something that stood out to me was how Dr Schiff gives his patients his phone #, I have never seen that before! Overall, an awesome place with real long lasting results.

Thanks To Cardio Mender I have brought my sexy back! After being on blood pressure meds for 10 years I no longer need them and went from a size 10/12 to a size 4 and I feel great! The program provides nutritional knowledge to make long term lifestyle changes and the staff is fantastic! Thanks Cardio Mender for making an impact in my life!

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