Boris Johnson is ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’ in need of walkies but heading in right direction – iNews

Posted: September 30, 2020 at 2:55 am

Westminster has been rife with rumour and supposition about the Prime Ministers health since his time in intensive care in April. He is reported to have good days and bad days; and still little is understood about those who suffer from long Covid.

We asked Boris Johnson what the Government is doing to help long Covid sufferers (nothing special at this stage) and to reassure some of your worried MPs that youre 100 per cent fully recovered.

Mr Johnson told is political editor, Nigel Morris: I am fitter than I was before, it may irritate you to know. Im fitter than a butchers dog, thanks basically to losing weight.

Well come on to his BMI (Mr Johnsons, not Nigels) in a moment, since it has become a matter of state following his brush with death this year.

First, though, the PMs colourful turn of phrase captured peoples attention, not for the first time. Fit as a butchers dog suggests that a creature is well fed the implication being that they never want for food, since they are regularly fed from their masters scraps.

An earlier meaning of butchers dog, according to the eye-opening 1811 Dictionary in the Vulgar Tongue, by Francis Grose, was to lie by the beef without touching it; a simile often applicable to married men. Lets not dwell on that one, Prime Minister.

Back to our elected leaders (diminishing) girth, then. Losing weight is a very good thing to do when you reach 17 stone 6, as I did at 5ft 10, Mr Johnson added.

The brutal NHS calculator suggests that the PM had a BMI of 34.9 when he was hospitalised heading for morbid obesity and that, having lost a stone and a half, his BMI is now 32, merely obese. So a butchers dog still in need of walkies, as he would admit, but heading in the right direction.

As for the rest of us, after Lockdown 1 bingeing, plenty of people are on thin ice not the best place to be if you need to shed a few pounds. Where did I leave my bike helmet

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Boris Johnson is 'fit as a butcher's dog' in need of walkies but heading in right direction - iNews

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