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Posted: December 27, 2020 at 8:55 am

New Year resolution is so traditional but the plans for New Year 2021 are going to be different than what they used to be every year. The reason is 2020 pandemic has taught a lot to us and health is a major concern. When we talk about health, the word weight comes into existence. Weight can be managed only with good diet and exercise wherein diet plays 80 per cent role and exercise 20 per cent.

Everyone wants to eat healthier in the New Year and wants to lose weight to fit into the old jeans of their favourite dress. But just fitting in old clothes is not enough you need to be fit and healthy. Though many of the lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, hypertension are associated with overweight and obesity.

Bhavani Swaminathan

The goal of achieving fitness and health is possible only by consuming a good diet. Here are a few tips to achieve good health and weight loss goals in 2021. Create realistic, broken down into steps and things to do and keep refreshing the goals to stay on track.

Though there should not be a reason to wait for New Years. To lose weight, mu must start making a permanent change in your food choices. Switch to healthier options and go for regular workouts. Lets promise to make our lives healthier and happier.

A nutritionist, professor, researcher, and founder of Aakanksha, Desire For Wellness, Ms. Bhavani Swaminathan is here to help people live healthy through diet. M.Sc in Food & Nutrition, Calcutta University, M.Phil, University of Mumbai and Pursuing Ph.D. from the University of Mumbai, this Tamilian born dietician has a very simple take on food, home-cooked meal is a labour of love.

Dedicated and passionate for her cause she aspires to aid people struggling with health issues to achieve a good level of mental and physical well-being. With a strong belief that fitness of mind and body is a perpetual journey and not a destination, she believes mindful eating can help lead a healthy and happy life.

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