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Posted: March 21, 2020 at 10:48 am

Scooping another spoonful of pasta onto my plate, I called out to my family, Dinners ready!

I heard the rumble of feet as my husband Tony and our four kids assembled around the table.

Then, once they were eating, I grabbed my fork and tucked into my steaming mountain of food.

Life was always hectic.

At 27, Id given birth to our twin girls, Jessica and Erica, and a year later we had a son, Rhys. Three years on, our family grew again with another girl, Krystal.

With five hungry mouths to feed, I relied on big, hearty lunches and dinners.

But while carb-heavy dishes like pasta and pies went down well with the kids, it was a different story for my waistline. By the time I was 40, I was a size 18 - and I was only getting bigger.

As my dress size crept upover the next few years, Ifelt my self-confidence plummet.

I stopped looking in the mirror and I couldnt stand to see my reflection when passing shop windows.

I barely recognised myself.

As well as big portions, I couldnt seem to curb my sweet tooth.

I would munch my way through a whole packet of lollies or jelly snakes without thinkingtwice.

Plus, Id drink five cups of coffee a day, and pour myself a glass of rum and sugary Coke each night.

Id tried all the dieting fads before and Id even had some success, but it never seemed to stick.

Whenever I got upset about it, Tony would pull me into his arms.

I love you for you, he would tell me.

But as time went on, I realised I didnt love myself.

Then one day, in January 2019, I pulled on my size-22 T-shirt and noticed it was bursting at the seams.

Setting small goals worked for me! Credit: Supplied

I cant go on like this, I thought.

By then, I weighed in at 127 kilos and I was struggling to get around.

The kids had grown up and had little ones of their own, but I could barely keep up with my grandchildren.

I needed to take drastic action and fast.

A friend at work had lost weight using meal replacement shakes from Aldi, so I thought it was worth a try.

I went to my local store and stocked up on the different flavours.

The next day, I had one $2 shake for breakfast and another for dinner.

For lunch, I had a light salad with plenty of vegetables and protein.

I cut out my daily coffees and swapped my sugary soft drinks for bottles of water.

I knew going cold turkey would be hard but it felt like the only way for me.

Once I was home from work, I pulled on my joggers and headed out for a walk.

Half an hour later, I stumbled through the front door, exhausted.

As I continued my new diet for the next few days, I could feel my tummy rumbling with hunger.

Stick at it, itll get easier, Tony encouraged me.

I was determined not to give in, and over the next few weeks, I kept up with my new healthy regime.

I cut out red meat, dairy, potatoes and carbs.

Instead of lollies and chocolate, I snacked on small portions of red grapes, sesame snaps and popcorn.

Every day I headed out for my walk, and gradually, my energy levels started to rise.

I didnt have a goal weight in mind, but Iknew I wanted to have a healthy BMI.

So, I focused on losing 10kg at a time, tracking my progress on an app on my smartphone.

My husband Tony and me with our grandkids. Credit: Supplied

After a month, Id lost 8kgs and I started to notice my clothes getting looser. I still avoided looking in the mirror but my daughter Krystal began taking pictures of me.

Shed send me old photos of me next to what I looked like currently to remind me how far Id come.

You can do it Mum! she would say.

Each morning, I glugged down my shake before heading off to work at Bunnings.

Youre looking great Jackie, my colleagues would comment, as I tucked into my fresh salad for lunch.

I felt it too! As the weight steadily dropped off, I grew more confident in myself.

After almost four months of walking, Tony set up a treadmill in the garage.

My BMI was still too high, but there was no way I was giving up now.

I upped my exercise to an hour a day and began buying clothes that were one size too small.

It was the motivation I needed to continue.

Eventually, after 10 months, Id lost a whopping 65 kilos almost half my body weight and I hit a healthy BMI.

Pulling on a pair of size 8 shorts, I fastened the zipper.

I cant believe it! I said, staring at my reflection, finally confident enough to look at myself in the mirror.

But the biggest difference wasnt on the outside.

Now, I walk onto the shop floor at work every day with confidence and a smile.

Im still drinking the shakes and eating lots of healthy food, and finally, I feel like Im living my life to the fullest.

Im even planning to go skydiving for my birthday this year something Id always been too big to do.

When I told Tony, he was thrilled.

The old Jackie never wouldve done that, he laughed.

But thanks to my $2 trick, Im healthier and happier than ever.

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Aussie mum sheds 65kgs thanks to her simple $2 trick! - That's Life!

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