Alcohol and Losing Weight | Is Alcohol Bad for Weight Loss?

Posted: March 13, 2019 at 11:41 pm

Alcohol use is such a part of our culture, and its so commonly done that we can tend to forget the risks that it carries with it. Of course, this doesnt mean having an occasional glass of wine is terrible, but drinking excessively is linked to very real health concerns, including being overweight.

First, is alcohol bad for weight loss from a calorie perspective?

Yes, in simplest terms one of the reasons alcohol and losing weight often dont go hand-in-hand with one another is because alcohol has a lot of calories, and these calories are empty, meaning they dont have any nutritional value. You may be drinking hundreds of extra calories or more a day, without even realizing it. Alcohol itself has calories, and the things that alcohol is mixed with such as juices also have loads of calories and sugar and carbs. You may be eating a generally healthy diet, but if youre not seeing results it may because of your alcohol intake.

Alcohol has significantly more calories than healthy proteins as an example, and drinking too much can completely derail weight loss efforts.

There are other indirect reasons alcohol and losing weight dont go together. First, when you drink, it lowers your inhibitions, which means you might reach for those extra slices of pizza when you wouldnt ordinarily. Youre going to be paying less attention to what and how youre eating, and thats just one problematic part of alcohol and weight loss.

Some other ways alcohol and weight loss are related, negatively, include:

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Alcohol and Losing Weight | Is Alcohol Bad for Weight Loss?

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