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Posted: March 26, 2020 at 3:41 am

The physical aspect of the Adele current has nothing to do with the girl who some years ago broke into the music world singing Rolling in the deep and leaving the audience perplexed with his jet voice. The years have passed and the artist took the determination of lose weight, something that has succeeded with a vengeance: nothing less than 45 kilos. Yes, there are those who say that the singer has been obsessed with the fitness and to follow slimming.

Every time there are new photos of the appearance of Adele, the public gives no credit to what your eyes see. How could it change so much? Well, basically, thanks to enter in the day-to-day exercise and follow a diet of about 1000 calories a day.

Adele strolling through New York(Josiah Kamau / Getty)

But his change has been gradual. A long time ago that we saw an Adele slimmer than I could remember and that attracted the attention with her new figure. Reduce your overweight it was more than just an aesthetic issue: it was for health. And more after being a mother, as the artist wanted to adopt at that time a healthier life.

Well, after a stop in this sense, Adele returned to the charge and in the last year has dropped so much weight that it is practically unrecognizable. Tell that to this presenter Polish that made a photo with her and she had trouble knowing who he was.

adele instagram(instagram)

We dont know what is the objective that has marked Adele but it seems that still having in mind what of losing more weight. Or at least that is what emerges from the statements of a person close to the singer, who has spoken with E! News:

In fact goes to various gyms to try different things. By the morning you meet with your personal trainer and ends up bathed in sweat, making then long walks outdoors. But that is not all.


And is that the artist cant stop exercising for the whole day: Walking up and down stairs throughout the day, is kept active and the truth is very much enjoying the changes that it has printed in its life, because they are bearing fruit. Your body has unveiled a radical transformation, has not stopped losing weight.

That is something that is obvious, but there are already fans who have begun to worry about if you have a slight obsession with regard to their physical appearance.

Adele in the Carpool Karaoke(Youtube)

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Adele, obsessed with fitness and losing weight - Play Crazy Game

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