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Posted: August 27, 2017 at 12:48 am

Editors Note: The Daily Herald sports department is honored to recognize the return of contributing columnist Sunny Mahe. She will share stories and experiences from the viewpoint of the wives of coaches, including her own perspective as the wife of BYU football running backs coach Reno Mahe.

Just this past week, many of the other coaches wives have started working out together. Easily enough with husbands in the football world, they found an amazing trainer to put them through an apparently quite rigorous power lifting session three times a week.

Regrettably, I am unable to attend due to proximity and kids getting home from school...and frankly, desire.

Easy now, before any of you psychopathic CrossFit enthusiasts go bananas on me, (stop with the feigned offense ... you know you are all nuts and you love it!) I have to say, I didnt enjoy lifting weights as a collegiate athlete at the peak of my physical condition.

Moreover, the thought of doing those kinds of squats and cleans and jerks as a chubby, old has-been sounds just terrible.

Yet Reno and I have been slowly trying to shed the grief weight and get back to being a little healthier.

He started by walking a mile a day and cutting soda and sweets and easily dropped about 15 pounds.

I, on the other hand, cut soda and sweets, drink tons of water, eat veggies and fruits and salads and kill myself on the elliptical in my garage in the heat, and Im fairly certain that I added a few pounds.

Meh. Men and their stupid quick-rebounding metabolism.

I really do enjoy being around the other wives. It is almost tempting to go workout with them.

Then I recalled the disaster that was hiking the Y last fall, and I think perhaps I will just stick to Cookie Wednesday.

Get set to spring for the season opener this Saturday, Cougar Nation!

And if you catch a glimpse of the handsome running backs coach looking trim on the sidelines, dont get any big ideas.

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A Coach's Wife: Trying to comprehend the mixed-up business of diet and exercise - Daily Herald

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