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Posted: April 6, 2018 at 3:41 am

Today, youll know about the best-selling HCG diet drops for weight loss available.

Beware of fake HCG drops which dont have the real HCG hormone and learn to buy the 100% pure diet drops from the authentic retailers with the help of this review.

But, wondering if the claims of HCG aiding weight loss really seem viable? Relax, this review will expose the best HCG drops supplement for losing weight without side effects.

There are innumerable sources on the web, telling you which HCG diet drops you should buy, and for good reason. However, know that there are lots of inferior HCG products in the market, which make it really difficult to find a real one.

Not to make it complex for you, weve done an in-depth research and came up with the best HCG diet drops to try out in 2018.

HCG Complex is the boss product, the best of the range, with over 96% of positive reviews and a sizeable user base, which is also well-retained.

Its a powerful blend of ingredients, like Fucus Vesiculosus, Vitamin B12, L-Arginine and more. Its success can be attributed to a fact that its been featured on CNN, BBC and CNBC.

HCG Triumph has a long-standing reputation for being an excellent weight loss supplement, but surprisingly though, its experienced a dip in its sales. To remedy the poor sales figure, the company has revised its quality standards, and is expecting a reversal. Hope, the product claws back to its point of glorious success.

HCG Triumph gives you great results without demanding any exercises from you, and doesnt have caffeine content, which makes it even more desirable.

1234 Diet Drops is a gluten-free product, so even vegans can use it. While most of the reviews talked about 1234 Diet Drops have trimmed them back to a toned shape, a bunch of negative reviews are about its unpleasant taste and a high alcohol content.

Nigen claims that the product has a thoughtful blend of human chorionic gonadotropin amino acids, which jumpstarts your weight loss. The downside is that it has a lot of side-effects, which renders its potency questionable.

Nu Image Medical has garnered a very positive feedback for how it helped a lot of people to win back an optimal level of weight, health and wellness. Apart from Drops, it offers intravenous drips, pellets, and supplement bundles. Its having a good run in the market since 2004 and is touted as a futuristic approach to dieting by the company. Whats appreciable is the availability of highly experienced and licensed doctors, either available on webs instant chat option or calls, who give free consultation.

Weve read a lot of reviews and ratings to decide out top 5 winners. These HCG diet drops have been ranked the best with respect to credibility, popularity, quality of ingredients, brand reputation and industry standards.

Watch the video below to learn, how to find the best hcg drops in the market.

This section covers some useful tips you must know before buying the right HCG diet drops that suit you. Do your homework beforehand to avoid fake and poor-quality products.

HCG Drops are available as both homeopathic and prescription drugs. However, prescription drugs are better.

Remember that both homeopathic & prescription HCG drops arent FDA-approved. However, several testimonials have discussed as to how HCG Drops was a godsend to them and helped them build a great body frame.

DISCLAIMER: This review should NOT be construed as a professional medical advice. The information posted here has been aggregated from user reviews posted on blogs, forums, and other sources on the web. Based on real-life reviews, weve come to know that while homeopathic HCG has worked for people, the FDA has advised against the use of homeopathic medicine and hasnt approved it. The agency has imposed a ban on HCG products.

Coming back to the point, weve mentioned several factors, based on which we can differentiate between real HCG Drops and Homeopathy Drops. Take a look.

After successfully finding the real diet drops, the next question that should pop up is Where to buy?

Since physical stores are more likely to sell fraudulent products, its recommended to buy real HCG drops online. Usually, online sites have direct buying links and offer products at relatively cheap rates. The process to place the order is really safe. You just have to add the product to your cart and pay. Payments via PayPal, MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

The dosage of HCG drops depends on the length of time you require to lose weight. Also, take factors like age, height, weight and medical history, to decide your dosage.

Herere the advantages of HCG Drops, explaining why it makes sense to see them soaking such phenomenal love in the market. Read on!

Now that you know the good things, its time to turn to the BAD (not ugly, though).

Since HCG drops diet involve huge calorie cuts, youll end up experiencing a lot of changes and withdrawal symptoms in your body. Of course, youll be feeling terrible for a few days.

The commonest of side effects are Headaches, Fatigue, Depression, Insomnia, Irritability, and Swelling of hands & feet.

If you feel extremely uncomfortable or notice some unusual changes in your body, report your condition immediately to the doctor.

Dont forget to read the FDA document weve provided a link to, above in this document.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone secreted during pregnancy by the placenta and promotes the healthy development of the fetus. Its factored in (as a marker) to diagnose pregnancy in home tests. Also, its used to treat low fertile rates in both men and women.

HCG Drops contain ingredients, synthesized from HCG pregnancy hormone, which improves metabolism and stimulates the liver to burn excess fat into energy.

HCG diet is a fast weight loss method. It helps you lose weight without feeling hungry with the help of HCG drops supplement.Well, an HCG diet snips out the excess weight by:

How HCG drops work for weight loss?

HCG diet drops work by interacting with Human Hypothalamus and asking it to stop.

Now, what do I actually mean?

Okay, let me break down the complexity for you. Hypothalamus is a vital brain section, where a lot of metabolic processes, including body temperature, sleep, fatigue and hunger among many more, are controlled. If Hypothalamus is stimulated, your body is alerted of hunger and you feel an urge to eat and satisfy your pangs.

That means, if this section is less stimulated, you can eat much less than your usual routine.

HCG drops inhibit hunger and promote less food intake by releasing leptin hormone and reducing the stimulation caused to Hypothalamus region of the brain. However, you feel no dip in your energy levels and stay motivated as before to go by your day.

Besides hunger control

HCG diet Drops also mobilize fat. Since youre put on ultra-low calorie diet and are indulging less in drools of foods, your body starts losing accumulated fat in regions, like arms, legs, belly, helping you in winning yourself a body youve dreamt of.

How effective is HCG drops for weight loss?

The effectiveness of HCG diet drops is no empty talk. Theres a clinical study to back the claims. A British doctor, Albert Simeons in 1954, concluded that HCG is effective in catalyzing weight loss. Also, there are a lot of positive customer reviews, where the users have talked about losing weight every day until they got the shape they had ever wanted.

HCG drop diets are safe to use. People have used it without experiencing little to no side-effects. However, if youve had any medical condition, or are allergic to certain substances, its recommended to seek medical guidance.

How long should HCG drops be consumed?

Use HCG drops for 26-43 days for the first round. This would be enough. Take a break after the completion of the first cycle, and include high-fat foods in your diet for the initial 2 days.

What is the calorie intake while on HCG diet drops?

The diet program is divided into three phase. The first phase is the Loading phase, where you need to eat high-calorie food for 2 days. The second phase is Weight Loss phase, which requires you to increase administration of HCG hormone, combined with 500,800 or 1200 calories a day. This should continue for 3 to 6 months. The last phase is Maintenance phase when you should stop using HCG completely, and gradually increase your food intake. Also, you must steer clear of consuming sugar and starch for 3 weeks.

Is exercise recommended with HCG diet drops?

Easy exercise is fine, but avoid intense exercises on a low-calorie diet.

Which foods can one eat on HCG diet?

HCG Diet must include One Protein + One Vegetable + One Bread + One Fruit. Drink water as much as you can. Drink 2 cups of skimmed milk if you wish, but avoid butter and oils. Coffee and tea are allowed.

Is HCG drops FDA-approved?

Diet drops and other HCG-based products havent been able to impress the FDA. The agency has suggested to not use these products, as restrictive diets are very dangerous. It said that consumers on such restrictive diets are at increased risk for side effects that include gallstone formation, an imbalance of the electrolytes that keep the bodys muscles and nerves functioning properly, and an irregular heartbeat. You can read the whole document HERE.

How much a bottle of HCG drops costs?

The buying price of an HCG drop can vary between $30-$60.

Is HCG drops safe for menstruating women?

Though we havent come across any effect caused to the menstruation cycle of women, you must avoid using HCG diet drops during that phase of the month. Resume to your HCG routine as soon as the period ends.

Should a pregnant or a breastfeeding mother use HCG diet drops?

A woman, when pregnant or breastfeeding a baby, is required to eat highly nutritious food. Also, HCG diet drops initially result in side effects like headache, fatigue, and depression. Since HCG diet drops put you on a low-calorie diet, its best to not use them when youre pregnant or nursing a baby.

Is HCG diet drops safe for use in diabetes?

HCG diet drops dont contain sugar, so they can be used in diabetes. However, its best to consult a physician before. Stevia is recommended as a sugar substitute for diabetic patients.

How do HCG diet drops taste like?

HCG drops have Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, along with vitamins and other salts. They dont have alcohol content. HCG drops are mostly tasteless and have a smooth flavor.

Is HCG drops safe for use with Vitamin pills?

Yes, absolutely. You can use HCG diet drops with vitamin pills. There are no side effects.

Are frozen HCG drops considered ruined or expired?

The cold weather might freeze the HCG drop bottles, but the product doesnt lose its potency. You can still use it without any worry or fear.

Does HCG Help in Treating Fertility?

Yes, it does and used in the clinical setting as a treatment for fertility. An HCG diet isnt reported to have any negative or adverse impacts on the fertility of both men & women. Its used in women to stimulate ovulation and has minimal side-effects.

Yes, men can. In fact, a low-level HCG therapy is helpful to boost testosterone levels or low sperm counts in men.

Physical or Online Stores: Which is the best way of buying HCG drops?

Since physical stores are more likely to sell fraudulent products, its recommended to buy HCG drops online. Usually, online sites have direct buying links, and offer products at relatively cheap rates.

How much can a bottle of HCG drops cost?

The price of theHCG drops bottle can vary between $30-$60.

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5 Best Selling HCG Diet Drops For Weight Loss: Buy The ...

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