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Posted: October 18, 2020 at 11:58 pm

For many folks, sexual satisfaction is all about the feels, so if you or your penis-having partner are experiencing decreased sensitivity down there, it could really mess with your ability to get off.

There are a few things that can cause a decrease in penile sensation, from the way a person masturbates to lifestyle habits and hormone imbalances. The good news: There are ways to get back that lovin feeling.

To be clear, theres a big difference between less sensation and numbness.

Having less sensation which is what were focusing on in this article means you dont feel as much sensation in your peen as you did before.

A numb penis is a whole other ball of wax and refers to not being able to feel any normal sensation when your penis is touched.

Yep, how you pleasure yourself might be affecting your penile sensation.

The way you masturbate can lead to decreased sensitivity. Some people call this death grip syndrome.

The gist is that people who masturbate using a very specific technique or tight grip can become desensitized to other types of pleasure over time.

When this happens, coming or even getting any pleasure without the exact move or pressure becomes difficult.

If youre feeling all the feels just fine when you masturbate but find that partner sex is where the sensation is lacking, there are a couple potential reasons.

A thinner or smaller-than-average penis, or even too much lube (natural wetness or synthetic), can mean less friction and ultimately sensation during intercourse.

Just switching up your technique should do the trick and help you recondition your sensitivity.

If death grip is the issue, depending on how youre used to masturbating, this might mean loosening your grip, stroking at a slower pace, or both.

You could also mix things up with a sex toy made for penis play, like the Super Sucker UR3 Masturbator, which you can buy online, or TENGA Zero Flip Hole Masturbator, which is also available online. And dont forget the lube!

If intercourse is the issue, some positions make for a tighter fit and therefore more friction.

Heres a little secret: Tweaking any position so your partner can keep their legs tight together during sex should work.

Plus, if anal sex is what youre both into, the anus is by nature a tighter squeeze. Just be sure to use a lot of lube if you take it to the backside.

And speaking of a lot of lube: If an abundance of wetness is making sex feel a bit like a Slip N Slide, a quick wipe with some tissue should fix it.

Certain lifestyle habits can be to blame for your peens lessened sensitivity.

Do you bicycle a lot? Do you masturbate frequently? These things can cause the sensitivity in your peen to tank if you do them often.

When it comes to masturbation, how often you do it matters if youre doing it a lot, according to research that has linked hyperstimulation to decreased penile sensitivity.

As for bicycling, bicycle seats put pressure on the perineum the space between your balls and anus. It presses on blood vessels and nerves that provide feeling to the penis.

Sitting in a hard or uncomfortable chair for long periods can do the same.

Masturbation is healthy, but if the frequency of your handy treats is causing a problem, taking a break for a week or two can help get your penis feeling back to itself.

If you sit or bicycle for long periods, take regular breaks. Consider swapping out your bike seat or usual chair for something more comfortable.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for libido, not to mention a bunch of other functions.

If your testosterone (T) level drops, you might feel less responsive to sexual stimulation and have trouble getting aroused.

T levels decrease as you age. Damage to your danglers aka testicles can also affect T, as well as certain conditions, substances, and cancer treatment.

Your doctor can diagnose low T with a simple blood test and treat it using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Lifestyle changes, like regular exercise, maintaining a moderate weight, and getting more sleep can also help.

Certain medical conditions and medications can affect sensation in the penis.

Diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS) are just a couple conditions that can damage nerves and affect sensation in different body parts, including the penis.

Medications used to treat Parkinsons disease can also reduce penile sensation as a side effect.

Ensuring that any underlying condition is well managed might help bring the feels back.

If medications the culprit, your doctor may be able to adjust your dose or change your medication.

Sexual pleasure isnt just about your D. Your brain plays a big role, too.

If youre dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, or any other mental health issue, getting in the mood can be near impossible. And even if you really want to get down to business, your penis may not be as receptive.

It really depends on whats going on mentally.

Taking some time to unwind before sexy time can help if youre feeling stressed or anxious.

A hot bath or shower can help your mind and muscles relax. The warm water also increases circulation, which can help increase sensitivity and make your skin more responsive to touch.

If youre regularly struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression, or having trouble coping with stress, reach out for help.

Talk to a friend or loved one, see a healthcare provider, or find a local mental health provider through the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

Not to be punny, but try to not beat yourself silly over this.

We get how frustrating it must be to not be able to enjoy the sensation you want or expect during sexual activity.

Here are some things to keep in mind if youre struggling.

Chances are your lessened penile sensation can be improved.

As weve already covered, changes in technique, getting in the right frame of mind, or some lifestyle tweaks may be all thats needed to get your penis feeling right again.

A healthcare provider can help with any underlying medical or mental health issues and recommend the right treatments.

Were not just talking about choking your chicken either! Stressing about this and putting pressure on yourself will only make things worse in the pleasure department.

Give yourself time to relax and get in the mood before play, and permission to stop and try another time if youre not feeling it.

Penis health and sexual health are just as important as other aspects of your health.

If theres something going on with your penis or your ability to enjoy sexual activity, a professional can help.

You cant control everything, but there are things you can do to help keep your penis healthy:

If its your partner whos struggling with lessened sensitivity down there, dont worry. Chances are theres a good reason for it, and its probably not what you think.

Here are some things to keep in mind if its getting to you.

Your first instinct may be to blame yourself if your partner isnt enjoying sex. Try to not do this.

Sounds harsh, but: Not your penis, not your problem.

As a loving partner, of course you want them to feel good. But unless youve damaged their penis by taking a hammer to it, their lessened penile sensitivity isnt your fault, so dont make it about you.

Seriously, its not your penis!

Not trying to dismiss your feelings or anything, but as frustrated as you may be that your partner isnt feeling it even when you pull out your best moves, its probably a lot more frustrating for them.

That said, if your partners lack of sensation results in a marathon shag sesh that causes chafing to your nether regions, of course you have the right to take a break or stop. Its your body, after all. Just be mindful of how you say it.

EVERYONE should be asking what their partner needs when it comes to sex and relationships. Its the key to making both great.

Do they need a little time to relax before action moves to the peen? Do they need more foreplay that focuses on other pleasure spots to help them get in the mood? Do they want to just stop altogether? Dont be afraid to ask.

If youve lost some of that lovin feeling down below, your lifestyle and pleasure routine solo or partnered may provide some clues. If not, your doctor or other healthcare provider can help.

In the meantime, be patient and kind with yourself, and consider some of your other pleasure zones for satisfaction.

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