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Posted: December 2, 2019 at 4:44 pm

Kim Hyung Jun of the first generation idol group Taesaja took to Instagram to reassure everyoneabout his current life and job.

Recently, he posted on Instagram totalk aboutworking as a deliveryperson for the Korean online retailer Coupang, and he posted some photos from his time spent doing his job.

He wrote:

There are many people who are worried about me, but Imworking hard and having fun. Its not true that I was running a business and it failed, or that Im doing it as a hobby because its lucrative, haha. Im just working hardat life. I do it whenever I have time, during the day or at night. I think Ive delivered about 30,000 packages so far. To be honest, I was having a hard time mentally up until last year, but as I started doing this job, my mental health improved and I became more cheerful too. Its also been a way to lose weight, since in January I was 84 kilograms (approximately 185 pounds) and while doing this job Ive gone down to 72 kilograms (approximately 159 pounds) (I lose weight even if I eat everything I want). I managed my diet for the past month for the sake of Sugar Man 3 and now Ive gone down to 67 kilograms (148 pounds). When Iwake up in the early hours of the morning, I see the other people who are working hard at life and I think, Ah, Id better work hard at life too, and Im making moneyand losing weight, and its been a big help for me mentally. I think Ive really worked hard at life this year and its been a meaningful 2019.

He added in the hashtags that hes also sleeping well, the work isnt as hard as hed expected, and he always drives safe. He also wrote, Theres no such thing as a high or low rank when it comes to work.Money thats earned through hard work is more precious.

Taesaja was a four-member groupthat debuted in 1997 andreleased songs such as The Way and Time. They disbanded in 2001.

The grouprecently reunited for the JTBC music show Sugar Man, which invites popular artists from the past to revisit their old hits and have them reimagined in a 2019 style.

Watch their performance of The Way on Sugar Man below!

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1st Gen Idol Kim Hyung Jun Of Taesaja Talks About Job As A Delivery Person And His Happiness - soompi

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