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Posted: May 25, 2020 at 11:43 am

Do you find it hard to gain weight?

You want to build muscle, be healthier, and look better. I mean everybody wants an attractive body, dont they?

And, a good body means being healthy and fit too.

But, that might sound like a dream to you right now. Most probably youre skinny and youre finding it hard to put on weight no matter what you do.

Well, it doesnt have to be that way.

Ive put together a list of 10 best apps to gain weight that will help you start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. While some of the apps are food trackers, some are the culmination of food and exercise tracking. And, some of them are simple tips and guide apps.

Price:Free |Rating: 4.5/5 | Reviews: 2,272,452 | Downloads:50,000,000+

Calorie Counter from MyFtinessPal is one of the best apps to gain weight. First of all, it lets you set weight goals and recommends a time frame to attain that goal. Then most important of all, it tells you how much calories you should eat in a day.

It has over 11 million foods in the database and you can simply add food via barcode scanner too. It tracks all of your macros (Carbs, Fat, Protein) and nutrients which is essential if you want to gain weight.

Furthermore, you can log your exercises to keep track of the calories you burn in a day. And, If its library of 350+ exercises doesnt include your activity, you can always add exercises manually.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.6/5 | Reviews: 20,779 | Downloads:1,000,000+

Fitatu Calorie counter is an amazing diet tracker. Its super easy to add foods and customized meals.

The best part is, it generates daily calorie intake according to your, goal weight, rate of weight change, and workout activity. Its very dynamic.

It provides you a host of customization options for meal schemes and meal timing. It also includes workout tracker but the workout and activities selection are not impressive.

Furthermore, you can connect it with apps such as Endomondo, FitBitm Garmin Connect, Google Fit, Mi Fit, and others for free.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.5/5 | Reviews: 278,140 | Downloads:10,000,000+

YAZIO Calorie Counter guides you with your food choices throughout the day. Unlike some calories counter, it also recommends the calorie for each meal which I think is important.

You can set your current weight and goal weight then it will generate the recommended daily calorie intake. It has a huge list of food and its nutrient information to keep proper track of your diet. Plus, you can also customize your macros and nutrient intake.

You can easily log activities such as weight training, cardio, and moreover you can connect with Google Fit for step tracking as well.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.5/5 | Reviews: 50,642 | Downloads:1,000,000+

Calorie, Carb, & Fat Counter is another diet tracker app but it has got some of its own unique features.

Like all other calorie trackers, it will give you the calories you need to consume in a day to attain your goal. You can add varieties of food from their database or simply add it manually.

But, what I like about it is it provides every little detail of the food youve eaten. And, whats better is, it shows how to burn the calories youve just consumed.

You can also track your exercises but you will need a separate app that syncs with this app; virtuagym. The exercises database is huge but you will need pro version too unlock some features

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.1/5 | Reviews: 17,998 | Downloads: 1,000,000+

At first glance, this might look like only a weight tracker but it does more than you may think.

Its primary feature is weight tracking and it does great at it. You can log your current weight and view your history on the fly. You can even log the measurement of each body part if you want to be thorough.

Like other calorie counter apps you can log your calorie intake and workout. But its food log is different, you can only log recipes that you find on the app. Talking about recipes, it does include varieties of recipes for weight gain.

For workout plans, it has a good amount of free workout plans which will be helpful for beginners. Plus, it includes video tutorials.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.5/5 | Reviews: 5,525 | Downloads:100,000+

FITTR is not a calorie counter but an overall fitness app. You can still track calories and basic nutrients but its unique in the sense that it provides a tailored plan for your weight goals (weight gain, maintain, and weight loss).

The food and workout catalog is pretty good. You will find most of the needed food and workouts easily. It also boasts a good community and you can find recipes or guides posted by fellow users or coaches.

Besides these, it also has a macro calculator, BMR calculator, and reminders.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.4/5 | Reviews: 300 | Downloads: 10,000+

Strongr Fastr is a complete weight management app. Meal plan, workout plan, grocery list; it has every required feature. I was surprised that this app only has 10K downloads.

After the initial setup it will provide you with a tailored meal plan, plus you can also get an alternative meal option if you dont like the current one.

Workout plans are also laid out in detail. You can customize workouts and you can also choose the intensity of workouts.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.3/5 | Reviews: 3,656| Downloads: 500,000+

I did not want this list to only include calorie counters. Weight gain is also about following a good weight gain diet. And, you can exactly do that with Fitness Meal Planner.

What this does is, it gives you a daily weight gain meal plan after initial measurements. Its the only app I found which includes your body type when generating a diet plan. It also suggests the number of meals depending on your weight gain goal and your workout intensity.

Diet plans can be customized to a certain level and you can customize portions of each meal as well.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.6/5 | Reviews: 1,360| Downloads: 10,000+

FITPAA is a fitness app that focuses on workouts more than diet plans. It does include free workout plans for muscle and mass gain along with a basic meal plan.

The diet plan is provided according to your status and fitness goal. Theyare divided into three categories: Veg, Non-Veg, and Veg + Egg.

Furthermore, it will let you know the required calorie intake you need to consume along with nutrients (protein, carbs, and fat).

Workout plans are weekly and it will auto-generate plans after for the next week. If youre not sure about workouts, it also includes video tutorials.

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Price:Free |Rating: 4.6/5 | Reviews: 1,360| Downloads: 10,000+

It is unlike anything in this list. It has a single training program and diet plan for 30 days. Plus you can log your weight every day to check your progress.

If you dont want to get into calorie counting and just want a simple app to gain weight gain some weight within 30 days. Then this will keep things simple for you.

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These are some of the best weight gain apps you can find on the Play and App Store right now.

If you are really serious about weight gain then you should definitely use weight gain apps such as calorie counter and if you want a simple app for weight gain, go for 30-days weight gain apps.

Personally, I would go with Calorie Counter from MyFtiness-Pal. It has a good calorie diet and workout tracking feature. They have a huge catalog of food and exercise as well. And, the best thing is you can log your workout down to every detail.

Here is our roundup of the best weight gain apps available in 2020:

Did we miss any awesome weight gain apps? Which apps do you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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