Andropause Symptoms | Andropause Symptoms

Posted: April 2, 2018 at 7:43 pm

Passing the age of 35 to 40 and entering early 50s can cause various physical changes in a man as well as psychological changes. The physical strength and endurance, mental concentration and focus are reduced, thus resulting to various health concerns. While the symptoms can be due to poor lifestyle that was being followed for several years studies have shown that it can also be the symptoms of male menopause. People are well aware of female menopause, which occurs once women reach the age of 40 to 45 years old. Not many people believe that menopause occur in males as well.

Technically, male menopause is referred to as andropause, which is associated to the gradual declination of the levels of testosterone in a mans body. It is most likely that men go through andropause in their lifetime. However, recent media attention did trigger a situation where lots of men rush to their physicians for diagnosis of andropause symptoms. So do men go through the same menopausal symptoms as women? According to medical scientists, men do not go through the same symptoms since women have different levels of estrogen hormones in the body while the levels of testosterone in men do not drop its level.

Nonetheless, men will still experience andropause symptoms that are considered as indications that a man is going through andropause stage.

Andropause has no definite causes and although men can experience it naturally, it was said that it could be due to various reasons. Low levels of testosterone may result to such condition in some men. Experts also believe that it can be triggered with depression, obesity, poor lifestyle and dementia as well. Men who are suffering from autoimmune diseases are also susceptible to andropause.

Since andropause is not easy to diagnose, treatment of the condition is just as hard. Devising a treatment plan like a testosterone therapy is not that easy for individuals with andropause. In case you are suffering from andropause symptoms, the first thing that you can do is to go for a consultation with your physician. Your physician will focus on the levels of testosterone in your body to determine your condition. Reduced levels of testosterone in the body can cause reduced energy, lack of sexual drive and frequent fatigue.

Your physician might suggest a treatment plan that is appropriate for your condition. The treatment plan may include testosterone therapy at home or testosterone injections. Hormone therapy is another popular treatment option for those who are suffering from the symptoms of andropause. This is also the most recommended treatment by most medical experts. However, take note that the treatment option may still depend on your andropause condition.

As a man, you should understand that not everyone from the same gender might experience having low levels of testosterone in the body. In case you do have low testosterone levels, this can be treated using the appropriate treatment option and with certain lifestyle changes. Even men who are still in their early 30s should go for a testing to check on their testosterone levels. Take note that normal levels of testosterone are essential for a mans body. Men suffering from the symptoms of andropause do not lose the ability for sperm production unlike women who lose their fertility after the menopausal stage.

Instead of panicking when you find out that you are experiencing andropause, it would be better if you visit your physician and have your body checked. Make sure that you consult your physician even at an early age to check if you have low levels of testosterone. Early diagnosis can help prevent symptoms of andropause in the future. Familiarizing yourself with its symptoms can be very helpful as well in order to prevent andropause condition.

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Andropause Symptoms | Andropause Symptoms

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